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The Callala Bay Community Association has purchased and installed dispensers for use by dog walkers to encourage people to pick up their dog's waste, particularly along the foreshore walk from Bicentennial Park, up around the headland and along the bay in front of the wharf and playground. The Callala Bay Community Association also buys the bags and volunteers re-stock the dispensers, as required.

Picking up your dog's poop/droppings/poo is more than just being a good, tidy neighbour. Dog waste that isn't picked up causes major health concerns for humans and pets alike.

Pet waste may contain harmful organisms such as giardia, E.coli, roundworms, hookworms and salmonella that can spread to other animals humans. When pet waste is left on the ground those diseases, pathogens and bacteria make their way into the soil and pollute water supply.

These nasty organisms can live a long time in the ground. Hookworm larvae, for example can live for several weeks in the soil. Studies have found that 20-30% of the bacteria in urban watersheds is due to dog waste.

We understand that picking up dog waste isn't glamorous, but it's part of being a responsible pet owner. It's not just rude leaving this waste around it's a potential health hazard.

Just take a few extra small waste bags with you, on your daily walk...and use them to pick up the dog's waste.  You can dispose of the bag at the next garbage bin that you encounter. We'll all appreciate it.

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